Hook Revolution

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Fishing Hook Revolution
is particularly suited in drifting in a current without using a weight. All predator fish even from lakes and rivers can be caught.
Even in the deep sea fishing method
Fishing Hook Revolution has given us great satisfaction in capturing groupers easily, and many other deep sea fish with a double clasping in their mouths.
All one has to do is insert with a bait needle.
Fishing Hook Revolution inside a sardine.
The slides below show the assemblage:

Fishing Hook Revolution has another interesting application in trolling. Inserting Fishing Hook Revolution in an octopus, when the predator fish attacks it has no escape with the double clasping in his mouth and the fishing line moving away from its teeth. The only precaution is, keeping into consideration the speed of the boat and the friction that the water creates, to block the rotation with a fine tread of cotton, an elastic thread is not recommended.
During the capture the knot will break and Fishing Hook Revolution turns.
The slides below show the assembled :


Position the sardine for deep fishing with Fishing Hook Revolution
The slides below show the assembled:

Fishing Hook Revolution application in trolling with a squid or live fish
The slides below show the assembled:


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