Hook Revolution

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FISHING HOOK REVOLUTION is a world wide novelty regarding predators.

is an innovative hook of high technology with craftsmanship features. It could be defined as a double hook or a triple, however the structure is not static but dynamic.

is a craftsmanship product manually made and all hooks are individually tested.

FISHING HOOK REVOLUTION is an assemblage of 2 particular hooks which are joined together by a mechanism which consents a rotation of 360 of one hook in respect to the other. Hook (A) is built with a spiral. Hook (B) has a particular curve in the total length. To build "revolution" the total length of hook (B) is inserted in the spiral of hook (A). When the fish eats the bait, the tip of hook (A) enters its mouth. In this situation the fisherman pulls quickly on his fishing line which hook (B) is attached to. Hook (B) with the curve turns 360 (in the mouth of the fish) in the spiral hook (A). During the rotation, the hook can find a new place to hook on to which reinforces the hold, otherwise at the end of the rotation the point of hook (B) enters above the point of hook (A), creating a stronger hold. In the fishing action. "revolution" is positioned inside the bait, for example a sardine.

Another advantage during the rotation allows the fishing line to move away from the fish's teeth. In the fishing action the probability of the fish coming un-hooked is minimal.

is particularly suitable in drifting for all types of predator fish but it can also be used in deep sea fishing and trolling . All the details are shown in the page application.

See animation cad Fishing Hook Revolution

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